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charles parsons  

a versatile ux writer and strategist: conceptually, digitally, and experientially

let's talk about me for a moment

Writing and planning content for websites and apps to ensure everything is easy to read and use? Check.

​Tackling a variety of projects and product teams to turn complicated stuff into simple, understandable info? Definitely.

​Choosing the right words and keeping the message clear and consistent? You bet.

​I'm here to help you build trust, connect with, and communicate clearly to your users.

​Currently seeking work—whether it's full-time, part-time, contract, or freelance. If you believe I can help enhance your website or app, let's connect!

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now, let's talk about this site

it's arranged in 4 sections 

Welcome to UX Writing!

Explore ways good content can retain clients and help them along their journey. You'll find examples of CTAs, info copy, and the impact of tone and voice.

Strategy & Governance

Check out examples and tips on everything from making style guides to doing content audits.

Case Studies

See real projects that made using sites or apps easier and helped people find what they needed. 

Other Fun Stuff

A look at my favorite resources and advice on UX writing. 


Can't find what you're looking for? Just ask!

Want to see my advertising and marketing work? Check out my portfolio to get an idea of my versatility as a writer: 

Finally, I'm not a UX or graphic designer but, thanks to WIX, I played one on this site! I'd be grateful for your ideas on how to improve it.  Please contact me at with any feedback you may have.

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